Medical Building Solutions B.V. operates in a growing number of countries with projects aimed at building, renovation and servicing of medical buildings, and supply of equipment.

This varies from only the operating room to the complete equipment of a clinic or a part of it. Also for the construction of a cleanroom, you can count on us.

As a full-service medical turnkey company with 15 years of experience in this industry, all necessary knowledge of the construction, engineering and medical elements is available.

Design & Realization

Your project manager ensures that the project runs flawlessly and carefree, within the predetermined term.

The coordination of the work is taken entirely from your hands and in some cases, you can continue working during a renovation.

In case of a desired very short construction time, it is possible to coincide the engineering with the realization. In these cases we achieve the realization in an exceptionally short period.


Interior & medical equipment

The decor of your project determines the look of it. We can advise you with taking the available budget and your taste into account. It involves the medical interior and equipment as to the furniture and the choice of materials and the level of finish.

When determining the decoration and the choice of materials it is important to always take into account possible standards and directives applicable to the activities you are about to run. Our consultants have all the knowledge to guide you here.

Also the practical aspects are being considered; hygiene, cleaning protocols, maintenance and durability. In this it is most important that your clients feel at ease by the right image.


In order to relieve you entirely after the start of your clinic you can sign a (all-in) maintenance contract with us. Our department Medical Building Services provides customized service.

This includes architectural maintenance contracts, mechanical maintenance contracts, and maintenance contracts on equipment.


Within Medical Building Solutions B.V. the customer is king. The wishes and requirements of customers are approached and executed with the utmost care.  A high quality of our products and services is which we aspire.

About Medical Building Solutions

Medical Building Solutions is a unique company of its kind, with view to the turnkey construction and renovation in the medical sector. Medical Building Solutions B.V. was created by combining three areas of expertise, namely engineering, air engineering and project management. By combining this knowledge we have all the necessary in-house to make each project a success.

We are a young, fair and open organization and want to convey this also to our customers.

Within this we will clearly state what we can, but certainly what we cannot do.

Our experience shows that honesty is the best policy.